Aikido For Juniors (Ages 9-14)

At Aikido of Modesto, the primary focus of our childrens program is the development of the self. Body strength and coordination are developed from physical movement. Awareness, concentration, focus and self-esteem are improved. Students develop a sense of center and grounding.

Aikido is unique among martial arts as it teaches children how to avoid fighting. Aikido helps children learn to deal with difficult situations in a non-violent, non-confrontational manner. They are taught not to become fearful or aggressive when encountering conflict, but to deliberately redirect a potentially negative interaction. This process helps children build good social and communication skills.

Aikido teaches body awareness, sensitivity to movement and coordination. Aikido training develops self-confidence and a positive self-image. In many cases there can be academic improvement due to increased ability to focus, cooperate and follow instruction.

Aikido of Modesto offers classes for both Juniors (age 9-14) and Adults. You can view our Weekly Class Schedule here and see our Class Fees here.


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